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Livestock Operations on Model Railroads

with an emphasis on the ATSF

January 30, 2010


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The First Quarter 1989 issue of Santa Fe Modeler contained an article on building a Santa Fe Standard No. 1 stock pen on pages 12-17.

Email from Keel Middleton, Art Gibson, Richard Hendrickson, Jared Harper, Dave Nelson, John Moore, Ben Hom, Brian Carson, Bob Witt, Garth G. Groff, Tom Olsen, Guy Wilber, Stan Hall, Chester French, Charles Slater, Andy Sperandeo, Ed Dabler.

Other Railroads

For the UP and its Daylight Livestock: The Streamliner, 1:1, Jan, 1959 . The article focuses on the Daylight Livestock and on the S-40-10 rebuilds for that service.

For CB&Q, FW&D, C&S: Burlington Bulletin No. 25, Apr., 1992. 135 pages on the CB&Q and its sister roads.

For the MP: The Eagle, 28:1, Spring 2003. The 40 page issue is devoted to livestock operations and cars on the MP.

Southern Pacific Freight Cars, Vol. 1: Gondolas and Stock Cars, by Anthony W. Thompson, 2001, Signature Press, contains 58 pages of photos, diagrams, and descriptions of stock cars on the SP and its relatives.

For information of how the Canadian National handled livestock, click this link.

For information on regularly scheduled PRR stock trains, click this link.

Compiled by J. Stephen Sandifer

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